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Empowering Growth: How SalesJump Reduced Labor Intensive Paperwork with Digitized Workflow

Company Context

ADDAS MASALA PRIVATE LIMITED was established on 24th December 2019, under the Companies Act as a Shareholder Limited Company which is a privately held company based in Tirunelveli. Guided by its directors, Arunachalam Rajeswari and Sokka Anantharaman Sureshkumar, the company operates as a non-government entity and is registered with the RoC-Chennai.

Renowned as a leading provider of high-quality spices and seasonings catering to all culinary needs, they offer a diverse range from traditional Indian spices to exotic blends, ensuring there's something to suit every taste and preference. Their products are crafted using high-grade ingredients and packed with aroma-locking technology. The company has an authorized share capital of Rs. 1,000,000, with a corresponding paid-up capital.


Addas Masala Pvt Ltd. encountered various challenges due to their heavy reliance on manual paperwork, which constituted 90% of their sales operations. This approach resulted in inefficiencies, errors, limited insights, poor customer experiences, scalability issues, data security risks, and compliance concerns. Managing sales manually led to difficulties in tracking performance, delayed order processing, and difficulties in accessing real-time data, affecting the overall productivity and customer satisfaction. Moreover, with increasing sales volume, the manual system increased the complexity of the workflow and prone to errors, putting data security and compliance with regulations at risk.


Recognizing the challenges faced by Addas Masala Pvt. Ltd. due to their reliance on manual paperwork, SalesJump reached out to offer assistance. They demonstrated how their SFA software could streamline Addas Masala's workflow and transition them from labor-intensive paperwork to a seamless digitalized process. Through personalized consultations, SalesJump highlighted how their solution could improve efficiency, accuracy, and overall productivity for Addas Masala's sales team.

Implementation of SalesJump

SalesJump provided Addas Masala Pvt. Ltd with numerous features and modules aimed at elevating their sales efficiency. Through the sales force automation software provided by SalesJump, the field force can swiftly place orders in real-time, while administrators and managers can actively review them. The comprehensive set of services provided by this SFA software offers the firm a one-stop solution for their requirements. With the aim of meeting their evolving needs, SalesJump provided them with the option to configure the software according to their requirements. From Instant Order Placement to Live Inventory Tracking, Addas Masala has access to adaptable workflows, enabling them to enhance efficiency and gather insights.

Outcome and Impact

SalesJump helped Addas Masala’s to digitize the way they recorded their data with their SFA software. After getting satisfied with the software solution they continued its use which significantly had high positive impact on growth of their revenue.

SalesJump’s Comprehensive Approach

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