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Managing diverse dairy products with varying shelf-life is a nightmare for distributors. Yes! But, we're here to make your business smoother, more efficient, and more profitable with our innovative Dairy Application.

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One Dairy Application For managing Dairy business and Dairy Distribution System

Your Dairy Business, Our App, Success Together

Optimize dairy operations effortlessly with our dedicated Dairy application. Achieve success collaboratively through streamlined processes and enhanced efficiency in your dairy business.

Optimize Routes and Manage Deviations

Plan efficient dairy retailer routes and easily handle deviations to ensure on-time deliveries and better customer satisfaction.

Maximize Savings with Scheme Management

Implement and manage promotional schemes effectively and keep your field staff well-informed with scheme options in our app.

Track Deliveries in Real Time

Monitor the location and progress of your dairy deliveries in real time, enhancing efficiency and improving delivery accuracy.

Streamline Approvals Seamlessly

Implement an efficient approval system to expedite processes like order approval, ensuring smooth operations in your dairy distribution.

Dairy Management Mobile App
Dairy Distribution Mobile App

Dairy Distributors' Ultimate Tool of Choice

Stay Connected Even Offline

Generate and submit dairy orders offline, ensuring data accuracy and reliability, even in areas with poor connectivity.

Track Employee Attendance and Leave

Keep yourselves updated on employee attendance and leave requests, ensuring a well-staffed and productive dairy distribution workforce.

Data-Driven Insights at Your Fingertip

Access comprehensive dashboards and reports for real-time insights into your dairy distribution operations, aiding in informed decision-making.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Efficiency

Integrate your dairy application with other systems, such as ERP or Payroll software, to streamline processes and boost overall efficiency.

Features of Dairy Application

Attendance Module

Attendance Module

My day Plan enables employees to update essential details such as work-type, mode of transport, remarks, and more, facilitating the marking of field force attendance.

Travel & Daily Allowances Claims

Travel & Daily Allowances Claims

Through this module, the field force can conveniently claim their travel and daily allowance. Additionally, they have the option to upload other miscellaneous expenses and easily check the status of their approvals.



Through our dashboard, access to key information which includes indent details, attendance, target vs achievement reports, TA-DA status & reports, etc.

Primary & Secondary Indent

Primary & Secondary Indent

Primary Indent will be done by distributors, sales team & admin team of the company. Secondary indent will be done by retailers to the distributor/field force.



This module provides the field-force/distributor with access to detailed information about the outlets under their supervision.

Nearby Outlet

Nearby Outlet

Nearby outlet module allows distributors and field force personnel to quickly locate outlets near their current location.



Using the distributor feature, the field force can access existing distributor data and they can also add new distributors.



Projection refers to the target set by the field force for the company & they can easily view the achievement data.


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