Case Studies

Lactalis India Products Boasts 95% Automation, Addressing Critical Field Force Needs

Customer Context

In 2014, Thirumala Milk Products Pvt. Ltd. was acquired by Lactalis, one of the largest dairy groups globally. Lactis, a family-owned dairy group headquartered in Laval, Mayenne, France, boasts a turnover exceeding 17 billion Euros. Currently, the company has secured a total funding of $22.9 million through two rounds of financing.

Thirumala Milk Products Pvt. Ltd., a prominent dairy company, was established in 1996 in India. It operates as a non-governmental organization and is headquartered in Hyderabad. The company has expanded its operations to various regions across India, including Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal. Thirumala Milk Products Pvt. Ltd. primarily operates in the B2C sector within the food and agriculture and consumer goods markets.


Thirumala Milk Products Pvt. Ltd. has adopted to a particular sales force automation software previously however, they encountered several obstacles along the way with this vendor, The primary challenge they encountered was approximately 55% of the workload was automated, leaving the remaining 45% to be handled manually. While a firm implements or plans to implement a specific sales automation for their field force they have to make sure that the vendor is able to understand the firm and its customer’s needs. These challenges presented hurdles for SalesJump, which they were prepared to address with tailored solutions.

Understanding the Use cases

On the other hand, Thirumala Milk Products Pvt. Ltd. had hesitation to change their previous vendors due to the need for training sessions, adapting to the changes and Budget constraints are a common challenge for the organization and their salespeople, customer may be reluctant to invest in new software or may have limited funds available. As an automation software vendor, we should have a clear idea of how to overcome these challenges with knowledge and promote their software.  it is important to understand their customer needs to provide a right solution to the customer. Software products could be complex therefore requiring a deep understanding of technical features and functionalities is important. That's where SalesJump comes in, ability to effectively convey the technical aspects and the benefits in a manner that resonates with decision-makers.


Solutions for these different challenges faced by firms like Thirumala Milk Products Pvt. Ltd. should be given high preference as it may affect the sales rate, and customer satisfaction and impact the workflow of the field force. Options like cut-off time, payment gateway, and one build should be given a high rate of priority. These features not only reduce different issues but also help to maintain a smooth workflow.

Implementation of Salesjump GoDairy

GoDairy application offers many features such as maximizing savings with scheme management, tracking deliveries in real time, and streamlining approvals. It also provides several major features that set it apart from other vendors. To ensure timely delivery or processing, GoDairy offers a Cut-off Time feature, allowing users to place orders within a specified time period. Additionally, it includes a payment gateway option, enabling the app to store previous order information for future orders. Combining features from various applications into a single platform.

Outcome and Impact

Since the implementation of GoDairy , Thirumala Milk Products Pvt. Ltd. faced a immersive change which eliminates the need to switch between platforms for different tasks, reducing the hassle. It boasts 95% automation, with only 5% of work requiring manual intervention.

Salesjumps’ Advanced Progression

Sales Jump provides Automation software suite that help you to be informed at each step of you field sales operations, whether you need configurable solutions, data-driven insights, cost-effective solutions, or dedicated support SalesJump provides you a one-stop solution with its software solutions.