Case Studies

How SalesJump’ Customized their Retailer app into a Doctor CRM for Reliance Life Sciences revenue upliftment

Customer Context

Reliance Life Sciences is a non-profit research-driven organization that explores business prospects in various sectors including bio-therapeutics (plasma proteins, biosimilars, and novel proteins), pharmaceuticals (next-generation, oncology generics), clinical research services, regenerative medicine (stem cell therapies), and molecular medicine.

Notably, Reliance Life Sciences has introduced five groundbreaking biosimilars globally, holds the largest market share of biosimilars in India, and leads in the global development of biosimilars. It is recognized as the premier integrated manufacturer of plasma proteins in South Asia. Reflecting the diversity and breadth of its activities, Reliance Life Sciences maintains a professional team primarily composed of Ph.Ds., M.Ds, engineers, and science postgraduates. The average age of the team is 35 years, with women comprising 22% of the workforce.


Reliance Life Sciences was in need of an e-commerce application but faced uncertainty regarding the software that would best suit their needs. Their objective was to find a solution that could streamline their workflow and contribute to revenue growth. Moreover, they were in search of an application that would efficiently manage their operations while also enhancing their sales potential. Through careful consideration and evaluation, Reliance Life Sciences aimed to identify a software solution that would align with their specific requirements and support their long-term business objectives.


When Reliance Life Sciences were searching for a software application to address their issues, they reached out to SalesJump. They conveyed their requirements, detailing the type of application they were seeking. As a result, SalesJump aligned their Use Case with their SFA solution, ultimately increasing Reliance Life Sciences' revenue.

Implementation of SalesJump

SalesJump customized their FMCG retailer app for Reliance Life Science to function as end-user order booking software, similar to a doctor CRM system. They provided the app for their doctors to facilitate order placement. Leveraging this cloud-based, mobile application, they streamlined order placement for their doctors and established direct connections with businesses. Users can conveniently complete payments to the company by seamlessly integrating the sales force automation application with payment gateways.


SalesJump’s customized software solution helped them to increase user engagement with customers through impactful product promotions such as pop-up ads, special offers, discounts, and new product introductions. Pleased with the solution, they proceeded to implement our FMCG retailer app across their entire veterinary division.

SalesJump’s Visionary Approach

SalesJump is committed to offering intelligent and user-friendly FMCG Sales Force Automation Services to enterprises. Their focus lies in creating a culture of growth, collaboration, and long-term sustainability. Their dedication to delivering exceptional service, forging robust partnerships, and inspiring clients to achieve their goals distinguishes them in the industry.