Order Management

How to Own Order Booking App like a Pro?

Order Management App makes Field force proactive with these multitudes of field activities such as contacting, visiting retailers, distributors and executing multiple schemes, and mainly collecting orders in means while trying to up sell/cross-sell leveraging brand strategy of schemes, visual merchandising, and achieving targets.

Big thanks to the evolution of SANeForce Sales Force Automation for FMCG and CPG Industries.

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An ideal FMCG Automation Software where Order Booking plays a significant role where your company can also get the real-time insights of the field force is actually possible with proven records via SANeForce FMCG Sales Force Automation.

We understand FMCG Industry empowers many practices to get the sales double up and better productivity which may also comprise Van Sales Management, Secondary Sales Order Management widely named as Retailer management Software, Primary Order where the former is widely named as a retailer and later as distributor management software.

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Let me also take you to the targets which each business brands impose. They are Route wise Target, Field Force Wise Target, Customer wise Target, Product wise Targets and SKU analysis reports, etc. These targets actually worked in doubling the profits.

Today, The FMCG and CPG market is reaching height even in these post covid circumstances. And these key players have adapted to our SANeForce FMCG Software to unleash their potential.

Here are some of the New Normal Trends with upgrades commonly used in businesses with diverse variations.

Scheme Management

Every business takes on detailed action on schemes, offers. And in SANeForce we deliver the most curated for every business and FMCG brand as each business works on its own strategic plans. Implementing State-wise schemes or offers is completely up to them to empower territory profitability. Incentivize retailers with better retailer wise offers, Distributor wise schemes even rate wise schemes, product-wise schemes and offers are available.

You can even highlight your provided schemes!!

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Claim Management

Align sales organization with a claim and offers month-wise were the schemes that prevail for long time durations. With approvals, sales order calculation for this month and can attach invoice for the next preceding months.

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Display Management

Recent Visual Merchandising is all set to sky up your profits if done effectively. Your business has to get a deep dive into it to know the pyramid principle for setting up visual merchandising. Notably, the intention is to draw the customer’s attention. The best part is to have competitor analysis and usage of data-driven insights into visual merchandising is a cherry on the cake.

Expense Management

The sales tracking app's expense management system provides financial transparency in sales activity. Field Force may exchange expenditures by uploading captures of receipts or invoices to speed up expense claims with the aid of this sales force automation. Businesses prepare standard fare charts (Automatic expense calculation) and semi-automated expense management.

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Remarkably Business keeps in track the field force with précised by measuring the Longitude and Latitude and thus enabling geotagging and geo-fencing modules. With reports of even field force phone battery status. Yes, we’ve made it possible.

Explore more details on the GEO Tagging, GEO Fencing

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